Our private 9 hole golf course is located in the heart of Zachary, LA.


Gloriously challenging holes and some of the best greens in Louisiana

Located in the heart of LSU Tiger country so expect some home town ribbing of you're not wearing the purple and gold.

We love our Tigers and our Saints around these parts so you’ll see plenty of team colors on game days but make no mistake, golf is serious business at the Wood.

With a course that at times favors the bold there are multiple scoring opportunities seemingly always present.  Or…. are they?

With traps and hazards strategically placed to gobble up shots that might have gone even slightly astray, sometimes those scoring opportunities aren’t exactly what they seemed at first glance.

That’s the paradox that is Fennwood and with lightning fast and true but deeply undulating greens, the test doesn’t end until your ball drops in the cup.

“Fennwood will test even the best game but it’s true talent lies in finding and exploiting any weakness in it and testing it over an over and over again.  It loves being underestimated.” ~ Mr. Beauregard Boudreax

"This is THE greatest place to play. The people are awesome, the pace of play is as fast as you want or as slow as you need, and the competition is some of the best you'll find not just in Louisiana but in the whole of the country. When you're done, I'll put our food, drink, and camaraderie up against any in the area. Once you come and play here at Fennwood, it's a wrap. "
- Richard "Ricky Mo" Morse
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